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  • Public Utility Company “Vodokanal” Sombor


    Public Utility Company (PUC) ‘Vodokanal’ was founded by the Decision of the People’s Council of the City of Sombor on 17th January 1961. Being a utility, ‘Vodokanal’ was tasked with construction and maintenance of the public water supply and sewerage system in the city of Sombor.

    Today, the Public Utility Company ‘Vodokanal’ is an institution with very experienced employees and modern equipment, providing the following to the citizens:

    Water supply

    The water supply system includes:

    1. Wellspring Pumping Station Jaroš
      2. City wells
      3. Water supply network – water distribution
      4. Water supply connections

    The wellspring complex includes spring water intake facilities – wells, water treatment (preparation) plants and a water distribution centre. The raw water intake is performed from the drilled wells, 50-80 m deep. Fifteen wells are functional. Today, the city supplies drinking water from the Jaroš wellspring, near Sombor, to the existing plant for the preparation of potable water with a capacity of 200 l/s. The construction has been finished and a new plant with additional 200 l/s has been commissioned, so the plant’s capacity is 400 l/s now. After the test operation, the second phase of 200 l/s became part of regular supply of the city and settlements in the first half of 2015.

    It is necessary to continue connecting the City of Sombor’s settlements to the pumping station Jaroš, where new facilities for the preparation of potable water have been constructed. The constructed main water supply line, which connects Čonoplja, Kljajićevo and Svetozar Miletić with the pumping station Jaroš, is now operational. There are plans to continue construction per existing projects, connect Stapar and Doroslovo, as well as prepare new projects to connect the other settlements: Stanišić, Aleksa Šantić, Telečka and Riđica.

    Sewerage system

    The general concept of the city of Sombor waste waters’ evacuation anticipates joint draining and treatment of used household and industrial waters. The sewerage system is separate (there are separate systems for atmospheric and faecal sewage). The water recipient for treated wastewater is Mostonga, i.e. Danube-Tisa-Danube Canal.

    Since the first treatment unit , constructed in 1964, did not meet the development requirements of the city, the Study on Wastewater of the City and Industry provided a basis for constructing a new Waste Water Treatment Unit (WWTU), which was commissioned in 1985.


    The unit is located in the Rokovci area, to the south of the city of Sombor. The treatment unit consists of two technological sections, the water line and the sludge line. The conventional procedure of treatment with biologically active sludge is applied on the water line. The method of anaerobic digestion in mesophilic temperature range with mechanical sludge dehydration is applied on the sludge line.

    Characteristic data on the unit capacity:

    PARAMETER Unit of measure Designed capacity Actual capacity
    Wastewater quantity m3/day 14,800 9,300
    Organic load kg BPK5/day 11,000 3,500
    Equivalent number of residents ES 180,000 50,000