EXploitation of Different Energy sources for GREen Energy production
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  • Vinkovci Water Supply and Sewerage Ltd.



    The mission of the company Vinkovci Water Supply and Sewerage Ltd. is to provide the present and future users with continuous, safe, top quality public water supply and discharge of waste waters with the permanent objective to preserve the environment and health of the users with the support of a wider social community.


    To become one of the leading factors in the activities of public water supply and public sewerage and treatment of waste waters of the region, district, cities and municipalities, and also to help to raise the quality of life of the citizens in the areas of the stated activities.


    – Provide sufficient quantities of healthy potable technological water at all times

    – Take care of drainage and treatment of waste waters and other activities related to environmental protection

    – Achieve customer satisfaction with high quality services, appropriately priced in all segments of operation

    – Keep pace with technological developments and be the driver of novelties in this field

    – Bring business closer to service users, stakeholders and general public

    – Continue to carry out balanced, proper, purposeful, efficient, economic and transparent financial operations

    – Increase efficiency through good internal organization, management and development of human potentials, including permanent professional development, proper and fair distribution of work tasks.